Two Basic Rifle Hunting Tips

Rifle hunting is a recreational activity that involves shooting of game animals with a rifle. Turkeys, rabbits, and squirrels are some of the favorite targets of hunters.

To become successful at rifle hunting, a hunter must develop a number of skills – how to stalk, how to read animal tracks, how to achieve rifle accuracy, etc. We cannot cover all of them in one article. Instead, we’ll focus on two basic steps that are crucial to hunting success.

Choosing a Hunting Rifle for Deer or Other Game Animals

There are so many types of rifles on the market that the task of picking a hunting rifle can be daunting. There are pump actions, lever actions, semi-automatics, and dozens more. Here are some factors to consider.

Type of hunt. The first thing to consider is what game you will be pursuing. Will you be targeting small animals like squirrels, or will you be hunting large animals like elk?

Type of cartridge. Determining what cartridge will work best with the game you are pursuing should precede your buying of rifle. Some cartridges will take small, quick-moving games better, while some are more suitable for slow games. Some also behave better from a short-range shot, while others are more reliable from a long-range shot.

Your comfort. You may be more comfortable with bolt action than lever action, a single shot than an automatic.

Improving Rifle Shooting Skills

Your aim is to take the target down right on the spot. You need to hit a vital organ (e.g. lungs, heart). If you just create a flesh wound, the game animal has a chance to run away. Here are some tips on how to increase your chances of hitting the target right.

Choose a quality scope. It should be able to give you a sharp and clear image, even in low light conditions. In fact, most game animals are spotted in the early evening or early morning, when light is low.

Practice trigger control. How you control the movement of the trigger will impact your shooting accuracy. Instead of applying pressure on the trigger in stages ( squeeze, stop, jerk), squeeze apply gradual yet constant pressure without stopping.

Don’t move. Once you have spotted the game you’re pursuing, carefully reach for your gun without moving a bush or twig. If you startle your target with a sound or movement, it will likely run, skip, or fly away.

A rifle hunter has a lot learn. The trick is to take things one at a time and just enjoy the game.




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