Guidelines for Raising Livestock

Livestock are great for a variety of reasons. For another, livestock can be excellent sources of fur, meat, milk and other types of products that can be both very useful and extremely profitable. Furthermore, livestock are nice to have around because their dung is useful to fertilize the fields if you intend to grow crops. The following are some wise ideas to keep in mind while you raise your livestock, so they'll live a long time and be as healthy as possible.

Keep Space in Mind

Don't try to act like a factory farm, where they squeeze animals into spaces that are both cruel and irrational. Animals have the right to some freedom of movement. While it's okay to keep some chickens in a coop, giving them some space to move around in is also a good idea. If you don't give your animals a reasonable amount of space, you'll face three major problems. For one, they won't live as long or be as healthy. For the second, they'll become mental basket cases, which can make them dangerous to you, themselves and each other. The third reason you need to give your animals space is because you're not a sociopath, and you have some concern for living creatures.

Don't Breed Too Early

Breeding your animals may be a very tempting way to further populate your stable and either have more little friends or make more money. But be very cautious when you breed creatures, because doing so is a significant risk to their health. When a female breeds, she has a chance of contracting an infection, giving birth to dead young and bleeding to death. If you're not very experienced, begin by raising a smaller number of animals before you jump into the more advanced process of breeding.

Monitor the Feed

Feed is a major issue for most kinds of animals. While the average animal may not care about the specifics of what it eats, being indifferent can be a dangerous mistake on your part. When you are indifferent to what your critters are eating, what condition their feed is in or how much they eat, you run the risk of accidentally malnourishing your animals are causing them to become fat and unheathy. Be very cautious in how much you feed your creatures, and never use suspicious feed. Buy only from reputable dealers.



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