Top Four Fishing Techniques for Recreational Fishers

Recreational fishing is a relaxing activity enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. While relatively easy, there are certain certain rules, conventions, and laws that recreational fishers observe. For one, use of nets is prohibited. Another is that fish should be caught in the mouth only. There are a variety of fishing techniques or methods available to the hobbyist, but the following four are found to be the most effective.

Line Fishing or Angling  

This is the most popular technique used by hobbyists. Here, the fisherman uses a fishing line. A hook (with bait) is attached to the end of the line. If the angler employs the traditional “hook, line, and sinker” arrangement, then a sinker is also attached to the line so that it sinks in the water. Droplining, handlining, and longlining are all types of line fishing.  

The length, weight, and material used in the fishing line are crucial to fishing success. The line should be strong enough so as not to break when the angler pulls in the fish, yet it should not be too thick that it becomes visible to the fish. Anglers should choose a fishing line appropriate to the desired fish and its environment using a number of parameters, including  knot and breaking strength, abrasion resistance, and thickness and visibility.  

Fly Fishing 

This fishing technique allows anglers to see the entire action as the hook and line stays on the surface of the water. The pole used is about one and half times longer than other rod fishing poles. Instead of a worm or other regular bait, the hook is attached with bits of fur, yarn, or feather or similar materials. The purpose is to lead the fish into thinking it is a fly or some other insect. There’s no sinker. Instead, the “fly” floats on water. A fish sees the “fly” and rises up to eat it. The angler then pulls the line to secure the hook. He or she then tires the fish before hauling it with a net.

Bow Fishing 

This technique is similar to the primitive method of spearing the fish from a higher ground. In modern bowfishing, however, the angler uses spear guns to make the spear move faster. The arrow is connected to a fishing line and comes with barbs at the tip so that the fish can be retrieved easily.

When executed properly, the following techniques can bring you enjoyable and successful fishing experience. Fishing is both sports and science, so make sure you also using equipment that is proper to the method used.  




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